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Maintenance Service for Measuring instruments

Maintenance Service for Measuring instruments

Measuring and analytical instruments are widely used and important tools in many industries, including metallurgy, mining, circuit board manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and so on, for quality control. During production, the product volume increases.

However, if the equipment has unexpected problems, cannot continue to work, or the measuring equipment is not properly checked, the production process will be disrupted, resulting in significant costs for customers.

Recognizing this, Quoc Huy Technology Co., Ltd., with a team of highly trained technicians both at home and abroad, has been providing maintenance services to many customers around the world for the aforementioned equipment. country.


  • Step 1: Survey, check and make a report on the equipment status assessment
  • Step 2: Make a quotation for maintenance costs and components costs (if any)
  • Step 3: Perform the service if the customer agrees
  • Step 4: Check, accept after maintenance and issue a maintenance certificate

Serviceable equipment range:

  • Metal components analysis equipment: OES emission spectrometer, XRF X-ray fluorescence device, LIBS laser spectrometer
  • Coating thickness gauge
  • X-ray equipment to check tomography (CT)
  • Measuring device for roundness, gloss, roughness, profile

Maintenance service packages:

  • Standard package: 2 maintenance times/year.
  • Silver package: 2 maintenance times/year. Free repair: 2 times/pack. Parts discount.
  • Gold package: 2 maintenance times/year. Free repair: Unlimited number of times. Parts discount.


  • The maintenance procedure is in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Top quality service
  • Reasonable costs.
  • Fast execution time.
  • Consumables: 100% new, genuine from the manufacturer.

Please contact us for advice and support:

Hotline: 0776 903 790 (Mr. Son - HCMC), 0903 538 774 (Mr. Tri - HCMC), 0979 781 919 (Mr. Huy - Hanoi), 0905 350 712 (Mr. Loc - TP. Ho Chi Minh City)

Maintenance pictures:

Maintenance of materials analysis equipment
Maintenance of X-Ray tomography (CT) equipment
Maintenance of roughness measuring equipment
Maintenance of coating thickness gauges

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