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Material Composition Analysis

Material Composition Analysis

With the aim to apply the highest technical technology of the most modern equipment to the inspection of material composition and thereby introduce to customers useful applications in quality control of the company. production in your factory.

Laboratory Analysis - Hitachi OE750
Field Analysis - Hitachi PMI Master Smart

We provide the following field and laboratory material composition analysis services:

  • High precision metal-alloy analysis.
  • Analysis of heavy metal composition in consumer goods.
  • Analysis of components present in ore mines, analysis of pollution levels in the environment (soil, rock, ...)
  • No need to cut the pattern
Sample RoHS consumables
Alloy pattern
Non-ferrous metal pattern

With analytical equipment of Hitachi High-Tech - Germany:

The latest generation emission spectrometer from Germany - OE750

  • Vacuum optical chamber technology
  • Direct spectrum transmission (no fiber optic cable)
  • Using high resolution CMOS sensor
  • Has very low detection limit of LOD: (C: 5ppm, B: 1ppm, Si: 5ppm, P: 2ppm; S: 5ppm; Mg:1ppm; N:10 ppm,...)
  • Wavelength: 119 – 766 nm.
  • Ability to analyze up to: 36 elements (aluminum alloys), 29 elements (copper alloys), 31 elements (Fe-based alloys), capable of analyzing both O, H, N gas elements in 1 some alloy background

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory testing standard

ASTM E415-21Carbon steel and low alloy steel
ASTM E1086-14Stainless Steel
ASTM E1999-18Cast Iron
ASTM E1251-17a

Aluminum and Aluminum alloy:

  • Al 99.9%
  • Al-Cu
  • Al-Mg
  • Al-Si
  • Al-Zn
ASTM E15079:2015

Copper and Copper alloy:

  • Cu 99.9%
  • Cu-Zn
  • Cu-Be/Co/Ag
  • Cu-Sn-Pb
  • Cu-Ni
  • Cu-Al
ISO 03815-1-2005

Zinc and Zinc alloy

  • Zn 99.9%
  • Zn-Al
ASTM E3047-16

Nickel and Nickel Alloy

  • Ni 99.9%
  • Hasteloy
  • Inconel
  • Monel
  • Incony
  • Marmalloy
  • Nimomi
Zinc alloy model
Copper alloy model
Stainless steel model

Service advantages of Quoc Huy

  • The accuracy and stability of the standard device are good.
  • Quick test time
  • Reasonable and competitive costs
  • Ensure the security of customers.

Please contact Quoc Huy for the fastest advice and support:

Hotline: 0776 903 790 (Mr. Son - HCMC), 0382 051 041 (Mr. Tho - HCMC) - 0903 538 774 (Mr Tri - HCMC)

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