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Cờ-lê định lực thủy lực

Torcup - Series SQ

Thiết bị tháo lăp bu- lông định lực có độ chính xác cao, ứng dụng cho nhiều lĩnh vực khác nhau. Sử dụng đầu truyền lực vuông cho phép tháo lắp bu- lông...

Đặc Tính Kỹ Thuật

  • Patented Mono-Body Housing: This feature is a TorcUP exclusive. The SQ Series housing is machined from a single block of 7075 AQ Aluminum, which reduces torsion and flex on the body of the tool under pressure.
  • Uni-Swivel: The 360 degree by 180 degree uni-swivel allows for shorter tool length thereby accommodating applications with obstructions.
  • Push-Through Drive: The push-through square drive allows the user to switch easily from loosen to tighten without having to remove the drive.
  • Steel Reaction Boot: This feature protects the main reaction point of the arm and is field replaceable.
  • Laser Engraved Torque Chart: The dual sided shroud is laser engraved with the torque chart for the SQ Series, preventing lost charts during use
  • Reaction Arm Release Button: The release button for the reaction arm is set within the arm as a safety feature, protecting the arm from accidental disengagement.
  • Multi-Tooth Drive Segment: This design ensures a 27 degree stroke each time the tool fully advances
  • No Drip Quick Connect Couplers: These 3:1 rated safety couplers are designed for simple engagement. The coupler collar ensures safe operation.

Thông Số Kỹ Thuật

Square Drive3/4"1"1 1/2"1 1/2"
Min. Torque (ft/lbs)1322925871198
Max. Torque (ft/lbs)13453425592211908
Min. Torque (nm)1793967961624
Max. Torque (nm)18244644802916145
Output Accuracy+/-3%+/-3%+/-3%+/-3%
Duty Cycle100%100%100%100%
Tool Weight (lbs)5.51118.532
Tool Weight (kgs)2.558.414.5


Height3.76" / 95.50mm4.91" / 124.71mm6.05" / 153.67mm7.34" / 186.44mm
Length 14.91" / 124.71mm6.48" / 164.59mm7.95" / 201.93mm9.85" / 250.19mm
Length 26.47" / 164.34mm8.48" / 215.39mm10.70" / 271.78mm2.85" / 326.39mm
Radius0.99" / 25.15mm1.31" / 33.20mm1.57" / 39.88mm2.13" / 54.10mm
Width 12.00" / 50.80mm2.63" / 66.80mm3.13" / 79.50mm3.95" / 100.33mm
Width 22.75" / 69.85mm3.68" / 93.50mm4.64" / 117.86mm5.47" / 138.94mm
Width 34.61" / 117.09mm5.92" / 150.37mm7.00" / 177.80mm8.74" / 222.00mm


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