Cờ-lê tháo lắp bu lông định lực (chạy điện)

Torcup - Series SR

Đây là loại Cờ lê chạy điện có lực mở cao và có khả năng định lực.

Đặc Tính Kỹ Thuật

  • Touch Screen Control: The SR Series Control Box comes with a 7.5” Display with 640 x 480 Pixels and 512KB memory. It includes multiple operation modes, data logging and field calibration. It displays in both metric and imperial units.
  • Sturdy Square Drive: The design of the square drive allows for direct socket engagement.
  • Electric Motor: The torque-sensing electric-servo motor is equipped with a with a precision angle encoder and operates at 115V or 230V.
  • Cast Reaction Arm: The sturdy "non-welded" construction provides a safe and strong reaction point.
  • Internal Gear Drive: The SR Series employs a patented planetary gear design which increases torque multiplication without added weight and bulk
  • Dual Operation Trigger: The trigger allows for forward and reverse operation without grip repositioning.

Thông Số Kỹ Thuật

MODEL NUMBERSR-500SR-1000SR-2000SR-3000SR-6000
Square Drive3/4"1"1"1"1 1/2"
Min Torque (ft/lbs)1002004006001200
Max Torque (ft/lbs)5001000200030006000
Min Torque (nm)1362715428131627
Max Torque (nm)6781356271240678135
Output Accuracy at set torque+/- 3%+/- 3%+/- 3%+/- 3%+/- 3%
Duty Cycle100%100%100%100%100%
Tool Weight w/o reaction arm10.9lbs / 4.9kg14lbs / 6.4kg15.6lbs / 7.1kg22.3lbs / 10.1kg38.3lbs / 17.4kg
Standard Reaction Arm2.05lbs / 0.93kg2.85lbs / 1.29kg2.85lbs / 1.29kg2.85lbs / 1.29kg7.85lbs / 3.56kg
RPM @ min torque2.6231.41.9
RPM @ max torque25.81062.81.9
Control Box20lbs / 9.07kg    
Power Cable1.65lbs / 1.65kg    
Data Cable3.85lbs / 1.75kg    
MODEL NUMBERSR-500SR-1000SR-2000SR-3000SR-6000
Height9.29" / 236.0mm9.29" / 236.0mm9.29" / 236.0mm9.31" / 236.5mm9.94" / 252.5mm
Square Drive0.75"1"1"1"1.5"
Length11.45" / 290.8mm13.23" / 336.0mm13.94" / 354.1mm16.18" / 411.0mm16.88" / 428.8mm
Diameter2.56" / 65.0mm2.85" / 72.4mm3.09" / 78.5mm3.75" / 95.3mm5.00" / 127.0mm


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