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Cờ-lê định lực thủy lực dạng tròng

Torcup - Series TX

Cờ lê dạng tròng có thể đưa vào các vị trí chật hẹp và áp sát bề mặt thao tác. Cờ lê tròng có cấu hình thay đổi linh hoạt và có tính chuyên nghiệp cao.

Đặc Tính Kỹ Thuật

  • Patented “Peanut-Shaped” Piston: This feature allows the cylinder and ratchet link to be the same width. Friction reducing sliders prevent wear on the piston.
  • Dual Independent Swivels: The unique swivel design allows for 360 degree by 360 degree independent movement of the hoses to avoid any and all reaction points.
  • Hex Link Cassettes: Each link is fitted with steel alignment pins connecting the lower reaction area for added strength.
  • No Drip Quick Connect Couplers: These 3:1 rated safety couplers are designed for simple engagement. The coupler collar ensures safe operation.
  • Cylinder and Link Material: Both cylinder and link are manufactured from 4340 Aircraft Quality high strength steel alloy.
  • Nose Radius: Tight nose radius allows this tool to fit in applications where clearance constraints make other tools too bulky.
  • Link Pin: One pin for link to cylinder engagement - no tool required for swapping ratchet links.

Thông Số Kỹ Thuật

PART #TX-1TX-2TX-4TX-8TX-16TX-32TX-45
Length4.37" / 111.0mm6.45" / 163.8mm7.87" / 199.9mm10.18" / 258.6mm12.93" / 328.4mm15.8" / 401.3mm16.75" / 425.5mm
Width0.78" / 19.8mm1.25" / 31.8mm1.63" / 41.4mm2.05" / 52.1mm2.50" / 63.5mm3.24" / 82.3mm4.88" / 124.0mm
Radius Range From (in/mm)0.24" / 6.2mm0.37" / 9.6mm0.41" / 10.5mm0.56" / 14.2mm0.68" / 17.1mm0.96"/ 24.3mm0.96"/ 24.3mm
Radius Range To (in/mm)0.45" / 11.4mm0.59" / 15.0mm0.77" / 18.7mm0.93" / 21.0mm1.68" / 25.9mm1.82" / 44.2mm1.82" / 44.2mm
Height3.25" / 82.6mm4.00" / 101.6mm5.60" / 142.2mm7.00" / 177.8mm7.58" / 192.5mm9.50" / 241.3mm10.28" / 261.1mm


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