Coord3 - Benchmark

Máy đo 3D dạng cầu (Bridge)

Coord3 - Benchmark

Economical high-performance cmm for high-precision inspection of small and medium-sized parts.

Đặc Tính Kỹ Thuật

  • Advanced ultra-rigid alloy platform
  • Rapid thermal diffusion through the frame when the temperature changes
  • FEA design ensures optimal moment of inertia and stiffness, enabling strong acceleration
  • Base composed of a single piece of granite with M8 threaded top inserts in a large checkerboard design
  • Rigid air bearings
  • Z-axis pneumatic counterbalance
  • Measuring scales with 0.1 micron resolution with dynamic signal processing
  • Fully digital motion control with probe path fusion for optimal CMM performance
  • Friction reducers with near-zero hysteresis on all axes
  • Passive vibration damping system that isolates from external vibrations
  • Free access to the measurement area of the CMM
  • Maximum positioning speed: 500 mm/sec
  • Maximum acceleration: 1500 mm/sec2

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