Coord3 - Universal

Máy đo 3D dạng cầu (Bridge)

Coord3 - Universal

The new generation of cmms, the result of 50 years of coord3 experience.

Đặc Tính Kỹ Thuật

  • Ultra-rigid mechanical structure for maximum accuracy in scanning
  • Highly responsive structure to environmental temperature changes
  • CAD FEA-assisted design of the extruded aluminum alloy crossmember to minimize inertial effects at maximum dynamics
  • Monolithic granite support surface with integral dovetailed slide rail
  • Grid of M8 holes for fixing equipment on the support surface
  • Sliding system on pneumostatic pads with ultra-rigid isostatic support on all measuring axes
  • Z-axis pneumatic balancing
  • High-resolution (0.1-micron) carrier-scrolling optical scales with dynamic signal processing
  • Digital trajectory control system for metrological performance optimization
  • Hysteresis-free toothed belt drive system on all axes
  • Passive environmental vibration isolation system
  • Easy access to the measurement volume
  • Vector positioning speed up to 866mm/sec
  • Vector acceleration up to 1500mm/sec2

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