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Measuring Equipments Repair

Measuring Equipments Repair

Repair of measuring equipment is not a simple and easy job, requiring repair technicians to be highly skilled, knowledgeable about equipment and have long experience in the field of measuring equipment repair. measure.

Quoc Huy Technical Co., Ltd with a team of highly trained technicians and more than 20 years of experience in the field of measuring equipment repair will be an extremely reputable unit for customers to trust and enjoy. deliver the device to us. 

Quoc Huy performs the inspection and repair of customer equipment in accordance with a well-controlled technical process, ensuring safety and high efficiency.  


  • Step 1: Survey and check the details of the device's damage
  • Step 2: Make a plan to repair equipment and quote repair costs to customers
  • Step 3: Repair the device if the customer agrees
  • Step 4: Check the condition of the device after it is repaired and calibrated (if required by the customer)
  • Step 5: Acceptance and handover of equipment to customers

Repairable equipment range:

  • Non-destructive testing equipment (NDT) : ultrasonic flaw detector, ultrasonic thickness gauge, eddy current device, endoscope, magnetic cuff, X-ray tomography (CT) system
  • Materials analysis equipment: emission spectrometer (OES) , X-ray fluorescence device (XRF) , laser spectrometer (LIBS)
  • Equipment for measuring the thickness of metal coatings, paint coatings
  • Temperature and pressure equipment: pressure table, pressure gauge, temperature calibration furnace, ...
  • Measuring device for roundness, gloss, roughness, profile
  • Hand-held, bench-top hardness tester
  • HART/AMS Trex . communication device
  • Motor test equipment
  • Vibration Analyzer
  • Other measuring devices 

Please contact us for advice and support

Hotline: 0776 903 790 (Mr. Son), 0382 051 041 (Mr. Tho)

Repair pictures:

Repair of X-Ray tomography system
Repair of roughness measuring device
Repairing defect detection ultrasonic equipment

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